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Hello out there!! I am so excited to explore what is on you and your parents mind.

Do you find yourself or catch your child stopping everything they are doing to look to the sky every time a plane goes by, wanting to attend every airshow possible, go airplane spotting and dreaming of what it could be like to be a pilot. Have you or your child asked is it possible to be a pilot? Yes keep aviation on your mind it is in your reach.

I want to help you and your parents find resources and programs to assist in making your aviation dreams and goals a reality. This is a picture of my son in 2019 on his way to one of the programs I found that paid for his Private Pilot License. My son became a  pilot at the age of 19 and aviation is still on his mind as he works on his instrument rating.

Alex wants to help answer questions you may have and discuss his experiences through his journey. As a parent I have been extremely involved with my son's journey and want to support your concerns and provide whatever advice I can share. 

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Welcome to Aviation Information and Resources For Black Youth, my very own passion project filled with unique and engaging content. Explore my site and all that I have to offer; perhaps Aviation Information and Resources For Black Youth will ignite your own passions as well.

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The Roots

I will never forget when my son  Alexander told me he wants to be a pilot. My first reaction was "how does that work?", but before I could figure that out he said "mom I've never seen a black pilot", from that moment I started to research but could not find much info. There have been times that I ran through the airport to have my son interact with pilots of color so that he could see that it is possible for people that looked like him to be a pilot.   I watched my son's confidence grow every time he met a black pilot and people of color in the aviation industry. I was also fortunate to find help from programs like OBAP and ACE Camp.

This journey with my son has been full of wonderful experiences, however I found it to be stressful at times trying to find scholarships or programs to help him become a pilot. I thought to myself how many parents are going through the same issue, and I wanted to help anyway that I can to open doors for black youth interested in aviation. I feel it is very important to get this information when you are young to help guide you to the right aviation path before you graduate high school.

My goal is to assist parents and their kids with questions and concerns they may have when they tell you they want to be a pilot or have a career in aviation. I want to hopefully be a resource with a personal touch. I may not have all the answers immediately, but I am willing to help find that key to open a door for each of you to assist you with your aviation goals.

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Thanks for your interest in Aviation Information and Resources For Black Youth. For more information, feel free to get in touch and I will get back to you soon!

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