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The Aim High Flight Academy (AHFA) - 16 to 18 years Application Deadline: November 30, 2022

The Aim High Flight Academy (AHFA) is an aviation scholarship for a three-week introductory flight program at various college universities across the country.

The primary objectives of the flight school are to ensure selected students understand the pathway to becoming an Air Force rated officer, and to aid the increase of an individual’s Pilot Candidate Selection Method score with the completion of up to 15 flight hours.

AFHA pairs unaffiliated youth and cadets nominated by USAFA and AFROTC with Total Force Officers who provide aviation career broadening and mentorship about the various aviation professions and career fields that can be potential pathways to achieving their goals.

The Application window opens 1 Oct and closes 30 Nov. This program is entirely funded by flight school scholarships and if you are selected there is NO COST. There are no military obligations or commitments by participating in this program.

Who is eligible?

Students Like You! Do you want to learn to fly? Are you looking for aviation scholarships or pilot scholarships? We are looking for students who want to AIM HIGH! As a student applicant to the Aim High Flight Academy, the USAF will sponsor a once in a lifetime opportunity to live and learn to fly at a partner university. AHFA is for high school students, ages 16 – 18, or for ROTC and USAFA cadets. Applicants must have at least a 3.0 GPA and submit an official transcript with their application. No previous flight experience or flight hours are required.

Once selected for the Aim High Flight Academy, students will have the opportunity to live, dine, and learn how to fly an airplane at various partner universities across the country.

Please find the Direct Link to the Application below;

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