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Intern, Flight Operations: Flight School Summer 2023 College Paid Internship

A Flight Operations (Flight School) intern will assist in achieving divisional goals and contributing to the overall success of Delta Air Lines. Interns will be working with a specific team such as but not limited to Training and Standards, Line Operations or the Chief Pilot Office . While each intern will be assigned individual duties, all interns are expected to work as a team to complete a team assignment that will be presented to Flight Operations Leadership at the end of the semester.

Interns will have the opportunity to learn about other departments, such as but not limited to Flight Safety, Operations Customer Center, Technical Operations, In-Flight Service, and Airport Customer Service.

This is a paid internship, including additional privileges such as standby travel anywhere in the Delta system while off duty. Interns will work at Delta's World Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Must be enrolled in an undergraduate degree program with an aviation discipline.

  • Should have a minimum of 150 total flight hours required, actively pursuing either a Commercial Pilot Certificate or a Certified Flight Instructor Certificate (CFI).

  • Additional requirements can be found on the application.

Please find the direct Link to the Application below.

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