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Tuskegee NEXT: Free Private Pilot License Program for ages 18-20 - Apply Today!! Deadline 12/31/21

APPLICATIONS ARE OPEN NOW !! Amazing opportunity, please don't wait to Apply.

My son Alexander completed this program and received his private pilot license in August 2019. Tuskegee Next is a wonderful program with an amazing team of people who I can not thank enough for all they have provided my son with to start his career to become a commercial airline pilot.

If you or your child are between the age of 18-20 please apply. Alex can share with you all the great experiences he had during the program and the life time friendships he has made, contact him through my website. Please click on the links below to learn about the program and share some of Alex's moments during the Tuskegee NEXT program.

Please Apply at the direct link below:

For more info about the program click on the link below:

Please click on the links below to see some of the cadets experiences when my son attended:

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Unknown member
Dec 15, 2020

Apply today!!

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