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WAI2024 Scholarship Applications: Over 105 Aviation Scholarships - Application Deadline: 10/12/23

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

WAI2024 scholarship applications are now open. There are over 105 scholarships available valued at more than $1 million. Each scholarship offering is different and are for flight training, engineering, maintenance, dispatch, drones, and professional development for individuals in all stages of life. Application Deadline: October 12, 2023

Can anyone apply for a WAI scholarship?

Only members of Women in Aviation International, regardless of race, religion, gender or age, can apply for scholarships offered through WAI. Each scholarship has its own requirements though, so be sure to apply for only those scholarships for which you are qualified.


I have listed 2 types of memberships you can get to join Women in Aviation International, there are other types of memberships, however if you or your children fall into one of the following catagories one of them is free and the other is for students over 18 for $29.00. There is also a membership for Aviation professionals or enthusiasts. When you click on the link to the application below you can find out more details about all the memberships.

Junior - 18 and under

FREE membership for Junior Members (18 years old and younger).


$29 - Full-time students interested in aviation

Students who are enrolled full-time in College, University, or other Vocational program ( Including full-time enrollment in Part 141 flight schools)

The Direct Link to the Application, requirements and membership is listed below:

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