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COMTO - Conference of Minority Transportation Officials National Scholarships - Deadline 12/31/23

COMTO’s National Scholarship Program supports our strategic goal of ensuring the continuing legacy of minorities in transportation. COMTO annually awards multiple national academic scholarships, ranging from $500 to $6,000 each to minority graduate and undergraduate students from across the country. Scholarship awardees are represented in all academic backgrounds and are pursuing various careers in the transportation industry.

COMTO is dedicated to advancing minorities and other underrepresented groups in the transportation industry.

The application may require you to become a member, however there is a Student membership which is FREE for a registered full-time high school, graduate or undergraduate student with a major or a minor program of study in transportation, planning or a related field. You will find it on the website after you go to the link below to Apply. Just click on the Join button and click the menbership for student.

Please find the Direct Link to the Application below: Apply Today!!

Application Deadline: December 31, 2023

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